Patented revolutionary 3-in-1 sleep mask features DPS, clinically known as Deep Pressure Stimulation that enhances your sleep and well-being. DPS is a type of firm but gentle pressure applied like massage therapy and weighted products.

The infinity reversible design features one seam construction allowing you to comfortably sleep on your back, side or stomach. It's easy to use, super comfortable, lightweight and washable.

Three function multi-use design is versatility with three ways to use, as a sleep mask, hair band or hair tie. The one seam construction enhances durability and comfort with no protruding seams or straps that can come loose or break.

The washable Micro-Terry backed Minerale Wick Away Fabric Minerale yarn is embedded in the fibers and it will not wear out and is permanent and always working to keeping your sleep mask smelling fresh and odor free.

Available in small, medium and large. Not sure what size to order? You decide which size is right for you.

U.S. Design Patent No. D723,740