Marie Ernst was founded with a passionate spirit and simple goal: to offer all-natural body care and sleep wellness while embracing an eco-friendly and socially conscious business model helping you uncover the youthful looking skin you’ve had all along and to get a good night's sleep.

The world is finally waking up to a crisis of ocean plastic; in an attempt to promote zero waste, all of Marie Ernst products are eco-friendly, recyclable and contain little to no disposable plastic which studies show over 90 percent of consumer plastics waste going into landfills which adds to climate change and global warming.

We understand consumers like you are making eco conscious choices when it comes to your health, the beauty and wellness products you buy and our environment. At Marie Ernst we care deeply about climate change and global warming and the pervasive, often excessive plastic packaging that is affecting our environment. That is why we are committed to a zero waste goal of eliminating our use of unnecessary plastic packaging.

Why Support Marie Ernst? We believe that buying our products should help solve a problem, not create more. Body wash comes swathed in plastic, with our revolutionary approach skin care and sleep wellness, we stand committed to reducing plastic waste that pollutes our oceans and streams, minimize the number of products you need to use and to help you simplify your bathing routine.

In addition, with every Marie Ernst purchase, we proudly donate a portion to help survivors of sexual and domestic abuse in need. We stand united as a family - stronger together than apart helping our customers feel comfortably beautiful in their own skin and get a good night’s sleep.