Don’t Wash Your Skin Too Much

It okay to skimp and rinse off at the end of the day with a light cleanse. Your arms and legs don't always need a daily intense scrubbing. We’ve all done the armpit sniff that can make your eyes water. What you’re smelling is the products related to bacteria breakdown of keratin protein on the surface of your skin. There are millions of bacteria swarming all over your body and you don’t want to let your germ business get out of hand and drive people away.

We encounter all sorts of microbes throughout the day, and when we don't bathe, they can end up in the eyes, nose, or mouth, which makes it easier for germs that cause skin infections to upset the balance of good microbes. It is understood that skipping a day of showering can be good for your skin but do not take that as license to never step foot in your shower or bathtub again.

For a quick cleanse shower, focus on your smelly and dirtiest areas. And for a nice fresh scent wash your underarms, groin and feet and the best place to start is showering top-to-bottom lets the soap work its way down. If you are acne-prone, washing your face, underarms, groin and then your feet will help you keep your skin clear from impurities and prevent acne breakouts.

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