Exfoliating Helps Calm and Improve Your Eczema

Eczema affects up to 15 million Americans and I used to suffer from eczema on my arms and knees when I was younger, so I understand the challenges of living  with eczema and what other with eczema go through. The good news is that I found that gentle exfoliation helped soothe and heal my eczema and it can help heal yours too.

The key to exfoliating is using good consistent sensitive skin care so you remove dry skin in a gentle way. When done properly, exfoliation will help get rid of your dead skin that causes itchiness. Once you choose to start exfoliating your eczema, over time, your skin will feel smoother and look healthier.

To start your exfoliation routine, take a gentle approach with a few fundamental tips to protect your skin so you will have a comfortable experience. The most important thing is to be gentle when washing and scrubbing your skin. Follow the tips below to properly exfoliate your dead dry skin that causes you irritation and itchiness. 

  • Use natural soap on your skin: Natural or organic is your best choice when you exfoliate with bar soap. Natural products that soothes and moisturizes will help calm your irritated skin. Look for soaps with natural ingredients and few to no chemicals.
  • Use soft exfoliating products: Applying a gentle pumice bar soap directly will help minimize any harm to your sensitive skin. Look for natural exfoliating ingredients like pumice that are gentle on your skin and not too abrasive.
  • Use warm water to rinse: Rinsing with hot water will dry your skin, cause redness, tenderness, and irritation. Your best choice is to use warm water when you rinse to help calm your skin.
  • Use a homemade scrub: If your eczema is not oozing, a sugar scrub is a desirable choice to add to your bar soap routine to help heal your eczema. Sugar has glycolic acid which has proven to help heal irritated skin.
  • Use a moisturizer daily: Exfoliating also helps moisturizers and topical treatments penetrate your skin better. Make sure you use a natural gentle moisturizer daily to help further heal your eczema and keep it at bay.

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