Wash Your Anus and Perineum Super Clean

Now that we’ve covered how to properly wash your womanly and manly parts, let’s cover the other very important areas down there. I’m talking about you know what. Here’s a tip to keep your tighty-whities and G-strings fresh and clean. Don’t wash your whole ass, wash your asshole. And don't forget your Perineum.


Toilet tissue may help in getting rid of larger pieces of poop and fecal matter, but it does not remove it and it also leaves behind a lot of germs in your perineum, which can be the cause of urinary tract infections and embarrassing underwear.

The perineum is the space between your anus and your vulva or the scrotum and the penis. Keeping your perineal area between the vagina and anus or scrotum and penis clean is extremely important and necessary for good personal hygiene.

It is also helpful and good to keep this area clean while menstruating or after sexual intercourse. You’ll feel fresh and clean throughout your day or before you go to bed and your partner will thank you too.

Why is it so important to clean my perineum daily you ask?

I abhor the mere fact that some people even have to ask the question of why it's so important to clean your perineum daily. But for those not in the know, it reduces the risks of spreading E. coli and other unwanted bacteria to your genitals. That's why! It’s estimated that 60 to 70% of women will experience at least one episode of urinary tract infection (UTI) caused by bacteria that come from the perineum and anal area during their lifetime.

A clean perineum keeps your underwear clean. If you work out or live in a humid environment, your sweat can flow down your spine and spreads the bad bacteria to your underwear and thighs.

And last, bad personal hygiene and a dirty vagina, penis or perineum is number 1 turn off for both sexes, so keep it clean people.

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