Thoroughly Wash Your Feet When You Bathe

You should wash your feet every time you shower or bathe. Do you think of foot hygiene as part of your daily routine? You should and here’s why… Your feet have more sweat glands in them than anywhere else on your body. Washing your feet helps you eliminate foot odor bacteria between your toes and dry skin.

Next time you’re in the shower, slide your finger over and around your ankles and you’ll feel the built up dried skin and grim that needs to be washed away regularly.

Your feet are the foundation of your mobility and taking good care for them helps prevent any problems that may arise. Practicing good foot hygiene is a must for preventive foot health.

A good daily foot care routine consists of using a gentle exfoliating soap and warm water while in your shower or bath. Make sure you support yourself again the wall or side of your tub ensuring that you don’t fall. Start by washing your ankles, toes, between your toes, heel and the bottom of your feet.

It’s that simple and all it takes to eliminate foot odor, bacteria and dry skin. Follow this daily routine and you’ll be ready at anytime to present your feet in an intimate setting or in public.

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