Warm Water is Good for Your Skin

Hey Goldilocks, did you know extremely hot showers and baths can strip your natural oils and dry your skin? You don’t want the water too hot and you don't want the too cold. For healthy skin warm water is just right for a shower to be comfortable without drying out the skin.

Try to avoid using extremely hot water when you can. Hot showers may feel incredible, but hot water dries out the moisture from your skin. If you really feel like you need to take a shower that’s hot enough to turn your skin red, do it only for a couple moments and then turn it down to lukewarm.

Also, it’s all about quality of your shower should ideally last 5 to 10 minutes. Showering twice a day can seriously dry out your skin. It may seem like more water means more moisture, it's actually the opposite—over-showering strips the skin, making it even drier.

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